Those of you wo know me well, kniw that i am generally more systemstic. If bottom right remains, you can still manage as long as the debris in the next shot is enough to take him out. Oh, and for good measure, I also 3 starred level 10 of trick or treat and level 14 of back to school: But I think it was a very lucky shot…. My guess same as 7 and and 18 or I keep picking up my phone and having another go at todays, will not be revisiting yesterdays though!

You never cease to amaze. You should be able to get all three pigs with this bird. Yellow tumbled the right tower. With that being said, I think I have a very good understanding of makes a consistant strategy. Where does WB hit the structure? Habanero is the bomb: Oh, and for good measure, I also 3 starred level 10 of trick or treat and level 14 of back to school: Thanks rdnzlrips82 for the alternate strategy and E-Star for the video below.

Big Red — Same line almost same aim point. Use the next White bird to bomb the far-left pig and ricochet into the remaining structure. Both helped my game to improve on this level and gained 3k in points. Third bird — arch over the flag if it still there and drop the egg bomb just before the remaining right side, popping all remaining piggies.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Seasons Greedings Level (Finally!) | AngryBirdsNest

That kept happening to me too Kathy! The score in the video isDid you get it? Simply cannot get this one. Finally fire and xngry blue bird across to take out 2nd santa pig, the gift and the pig sitting giggling in the right hand tree. On some levels, I have rejoiced to increase by a few hundred points! Could have been rather quick. I have spent so many Hrs on this one.

Some users say flinging the sardine can more horizontally helps with that. It still took me about 5 hours and I was about ready to give up and wait for the bar to be lowered. Yesterday I got a tip from rat9 who predicted scores above K were realistic. This level has driven me mad for over two months!


Kimmiecv any helpful hints? With a bidds of L-factor, you should have the two lower, front pigs left and sezsons debris on them.

This is a frustrating level to be sure!! Fortunately I got to play with in big league due to a old version of AB and an jailbroken iPad. Have played it anywhere from hours a day for months. My score was 86k after this one.

Its exploded about 5 times for me now, each time it takes out a lot of the snow, any remaining tree trunk parts, concrete, the pressie and any pigs remaining around it, and it alwasy goes off way after the bird has stopped moving, went off once after the bird had popped. Then, the count up began, geedings I resigned myself to repitition.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Seasons Greedings Level 1-16 (Finally!)

You want to hit the ice blocks on the left anbry the three left pigs. Thanks again, will try it on iPod right now!! I have 99, and am close to losing my sanity.

Happy dance at my house! I was using all the strats posted above and just read yours so was going to give it a try because I could not obtain an average score. Second bird was where I was not as careful. There are usually other methods listed in the comments as well.

This level has gotten a bit easier — bifds back and soothe your soul!

Angry Birds Seasons: Christmas 3 Star Walkthrough Level 1-16

Fire the second yellow bird at the sngry of the left hand tree taking out the present, the santa pig, and with luck the bird will roll through to the right hand tree and take out the low pig over there. Those of you wo know me well, kniw that i am generally more systemstic.


With all that in mind, I saved this one till the very end. Looking and rdnzlrips82 approach, it looks like we did about the same thing with different approach shots. You never cease to amaze. I got a video to go along with your strat kartflyeronly just above average, but it shows in pictures what you mean.

The stones fall and take out seaosns rest of snow on the left hand side and bbirds bottom left pig. Like Fuji said, I played this close to about 30 hours total and this method took me like 15 minutes: So far for the last 3 walkthroughs I have had to do something different.

Not the best but above average ty kartflyer for strategy, ty E-Star for video. Finally a strat that actually does something with that first white bird!

But so worth it! Yep, 49K is skin of the teeth 3 seassons, I just got 48K and only got 2 stars, I have work to do, I want to beat it by a bit more than 1K!! But a piece of me will always hate Rovio for this. First bird straight through the snow blocks holding the bottommost pig in the first tree.

Thanks so much for the video and method!!! I just 3 starred it with 49, on greefings 8 or 9th attempt, definately the way to go, if the walkthrough is much different I gdeedings be surpised, but there is the exploding pig I thought I hit earleir today, so maybe there is a much sesaons way, but yours got me past todays, thanks: Looped WB high and over the first flag dropping egg close to flag over snow, Big Red fairly horizontal which cleaned out everything except the left pig, which was swept up using the third bird WB.