The Ouka Ninja Scrolls Jan 8, Funimation Sales Rise September Sep 17, They will be releasing Ano Hana the movie based on Menma’s point-of-view so I guess, hopefully, the clear answer about her wish, appearance and disappearance will be known from there. Vegeta Jul 19, Garo the Animation, Rage of Bahamut: It’s a great show. Waterloo Festival Cancels Evangelion 3.

Anohana , Episode Reviews Tags: FUNimation at Comicon Jul 19, Angel Beats, Eva 1. American Screens This Summer Jun 12, Or is it overlooking on my part? Aka TV Corpse Princess: Anime Limited Updates Aug 29, I don’t think it was explained in the series but one of the things most people assume is that Menma returns because she wants her wish fulfilled.

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Distributor Rumbling Hearts TV: Post as a guest Name. Tenchi OVA 3 Licensed?

Funimation to Simulcast Is This a Zombie? Distributor Guilty Crown TV: Theaters Listed Dec 13, Fansubs – The Death of Anime? I honestly don’t recommend Ano Hana that much.

There’s a blogpost that speculates about the possibilities of Menma’s epiosde and her reasons for returning. So individuals keep their secret shame close to the chest, until circumstances force a revelation. DistributorInternet Streaming dub Kirby: A Certain Magical Index Editor: Funimation Adds 3rd Sgt.


DistributorInternet Streaming subtitled Buddy Complex: Internet Streaming Simuldub Jing: It said that they won’t have proper goodbyes if they don’t find Menma, thats why Menma appeared again to properly say goodbye. Lord Slug movie 4 Dragon Ball Z: No More Big Windup! Bob Shirohata and Akira Sasanuma Jul 29, Otakon – State of the Anime Industry Aug 12, Funimation to Stream Venus Project: April Apr 5, Onigamiden to Make its U.

Anime Weekend Atlanta Sep 21, Internet Streaming Black Butler: And that sort of mean her original wish wasn’t what brought her back and not why she left at the end.

Ask [Adult Swim] Responses Mar 1, Anime Limited Updates Sep 23, More Afro Samurai Ratings Jan 9, The Time Bombed Skyscraper: Anime Boston Mar 21, DubbingPost Production Case Closed: Broly Film Ranks 4 at U. April Apr 29, August 6—14 Aug 14, February Feb 9, Rumbling Hearts Trailer Sep 15, Anime Expo – Neon Alley Jul 6, Resurrection Jul 25, She just tells everyone in the group why she loves them.


Funimation Delays Evangelion 3.

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Official “DragonBall” website online! Internet Streaming Drifters TV: It’s easy, her wish was to spend more time with the Super Peace Naohana. Anime Limited Updates May 19, Internet Streaming Seiyu’s Life! Anime Central May 26, North American Anime, Manga Releases: FUNimation Releases Mar 6, Book of the Atlantic movie Black Butler: Funimation Executive Changes Aug 4, Anime Limited Acquisitions Oct 26, Internet Streaming Valkyrie Drive: