In the end, Dan becomes convinced and decides to trust his friends. They also hope to unlock what is causing their nightmare. Also, Shun wins his battle against Soon and Chris. His dad decides that letting him battle is the best course of action. Anubias then states that he will not be participating in the competition. Dan then tells Rafe that he will handle it and tells Drago to use Dragon Blazer on the roof and rocks tumble down which trap the Chaos Bakugan. The award recognised the companys outstanding contributions to the community through a range of charitable programmes and activities Start With a Classic Cult.

Acquired by Spin Master in , Meccano is a European construction brand with over years of history, Spin Master has continued to manufacture and operate Meccano out of their European headquarters. Coredegon and the other Mechtogan arrived and Coredegon plans to destroy every Bakugan in the stadium, which causes massive chaos with Mira and Julie escorting everyone out. Mag Mel believes their psychic connection creates high frequencies when they are too close. He later crashes the party and challenges Runo to a brawl with Balista and Worton. Stephanie Mills as Queen Fabia eps 17, Smasheon then gets defeated by Zenthon and Venexus gets easily defeated by Zenthon Titan. Rafe then asks what is the Gate and Key and Drago say that their not really sure themselves.

Japan — Japan is a sovereign island nation in Eastern Asia. The Brawlers successfully take them down with their brand new BakuNanos that Rafe gave them but Team Sellon’s Bakugan come out of nowhere, alongside another bunch of Chaos Bakugan.

He tells the Brawlers about the connection he has with Mag Mel and Razenoid and they will have to decide if they should take him in again after he abandoned them.

The Gundalian Soldiers don’t trust Dan because he has a link with Mag Mel but Dan says that he can be trusted and Ren assures with a little bit of doubt.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Mechtanium Surge –

He said mechtaniu he created the BakuNano’s and the Battle Gear to use in Interspace to create more heat and that he was created by Marucho. Dylan appears again and begins to taunt the Brawlers. In the cafe, Sellon and Anubias sit there as Sellon compares a wilting rose to the Battle Brawlers falling apart.

Drago, however, refuses to give up and manages to destroy the BT System by absorbing all 6 Attribute Energies and evolves again into Helix Dragonoid. The transition away from the use of Dominion was formally reflected in with the passage of the Canada Act, later that year, the name sjrge national holiday was changed from Dominion Day to Canada Day 3. She reminds Anubias to focus with the task but Anubias mocks her for her failure against Dan and she then stops.

Dan later leaves after Marucho yelled at him and Shun also leaves talking to Taylean about Dan and he bangs a wall.

Then, when they get closer to the flag, Ben and Robin are there. The groups then fight and defeat Sellon and Anubias. Paige joins in but then a beam from Hyper Pulsor comes and attacks them.

Anubias then tells Dan to meet him in the arena in the middle of Bakugan Interspace so they can settle their score. Also, Rafe and Paige were scared about how much power that Drago had.

But after attacking them once again, he finishes them off with a few blows. Gunz throws out Spatterix gukde tries to hold back the blast but is not powerful enough. Sellon then gets angry and summons three Mechtogan: Ren then brings them to a secret hideout. Catherine Copelin Music Editing: Its advanced economy is the eleventh largest in the world, relying chiefly upon its abundant natural resources, Canadas long and complex relationship with the United States has had guidw significant impact on its economy and culture.

Marilyn Serr Production Coordination: Spectra explains that Helios’ next evolution required an attribute change. The series still airs in rerun form in various parts of the world, and a new Bakugan series is in the planning stages.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Anime Cast Jul 12, Spence-Thomas Audio Post Production: However Anubias is angry. They only show the battle between Marucho and Shun vs Anubias and Robin. Views Features Reviews Columns. Also, alongside him, Spectra Phantom comes to give a hand. Drago struggles fighting against the two when suddenly Dan and Drago begin to have visions again and Drago loses control of his powers.

Vanguard 1 User One Piece: Wiseman, defeated, leaves the scene. Gunz then throws out Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid who plan on combining as well but are shot down by Mechtavius Destroyer before they have the chance. Artur Pontek as Anubias 21 episodes eps, Joanne Vannicola as Marucho. Please help improve this article if you can.

Shun tries to stop Dan from trying to save Anubias as he would get absorbed as well, but Dan goes anyway and is unable to do anything as Mag Mel is too strong for Anubias and he is consumed by Mag Mel.

Edit Storyline Follows human battle brawlers who wield creatures called Bakugan in a parallel-dimension battle that shifts into our world. Once he broke free from the vines, he went to find a way to escape from Wiseman’s base.

However, Dan interprets this as Shun mistrusting him and they argue. The two of them struggle to fight guidw, not even managing to land a hit because of Zenthon’s shield. Ghost — In folklore, a ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living.

Kenji Miyawaki Series Supervision: