Meanwhile, the search for Mok Dan intensifies. The good guys on this show sometimes! His efforts would be futile. Rie rebelling against what she believed were the reason for the death of her parents by aligning herself with Kishokai and the Empire. Thanks for the recap gf! Is it safe to open my eyes? Yes, I found it very hard to study for my exams and work on the summer project when there were all these kdramas and the Olympic Games going on! Baek points out this means they will be even more moved to kill Kang To.

But so little hint that indicated KT still care for Shunji. It gave depth in the side characters, they move along the story together with the leads, unlike some other shows where their side characters were just for the sake of being there. Kimura Taro must die in the next episode and let Kang-to fight Shunji with all glory of emotion and death glares. How about a small intimate wedding before everything goes to hell?? Thankfully, his line of fire is blocked by the gate and a series of trees so his bullets dodge. And he was inspirational till the very end, even making Shunji question what he was fighting for all this time. I forgot to say it in my first post lol.

She tells him about Mok Dan coming to her for help, and that she offered her passports to run away with Kang-to. Even from the tiny window to his standing coffin prison, nobody maso stare-down like Kang-to. I hope Shunji has it in his conscience by now that not only did his family kill Gangto’s or shall I now say Young?

Ahn Yeo Jin Supporting Cast. I don’t know why, but in all his dramas and shows, hearing him asking that made me feel safe, like you know he really cares for you. Cast – Bridal Mask.


Is a simple revenge story really that hard to do? But she comes right into the tent with Kang-to… and one look at their faces tells them everything. We shall have to wait and see.

Bridal Mask

WHy My post is in the next page? Shunji has of course moved on to his next target, and stands by as Koiso dramafevef the living crap out of the tailor.

Yang Baek Teacher, thank you for being there for Kang-to just as girlfriday said noble idiocy is for idiots, and Kang-to you are NOT an idiot. At least let the shoeshine ahjussi be his shadow for once… And so sad to dramaefver Damsari shot himself. I was looking for a fanfic on gaksital but seemed as if no one really has thought of this before. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: The doors open, and Kang-to approaches.

At the mountain house, Baek Gun is packing supplies with Deuksu and they are about to head out when they hear someone approach. Calm before the storm!

Meeeis lee, I like your character analysis. Spooky, my cat thanks the writers too! He promises to come back alive and asks her to take care of everyone till he comes back. He asks Yang Baek to allow it. Baek agrees-he and Dong Jin have something to discuss.

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There’s that website too. I hate that so freakin’ much. Fanfic writers, where are you?? Why are they beefing up his storyline at all? Shunji indeed still cared for Kang Epiaode Jeon Gook Hwan Supporting Cast. Everyone silently averts their gaze, unable to tell her the truth and Baek cries as he looks at her.


Gaksital aka Bridal mask Episode 26 Recap | Akiko’s Morning Coffee !! :]

Ahn and Damsari move to make a run for it but Damsari gets shot in the leg and tells Ahn to go ahead dramafevver him. I love that they retained Abe’s character. Itoshi August 30, at Thank you GF for the recap!

He knew losing a whole family is a horrible thing. So many loves, for just the one man. He was such a sweet and loving man in it; alas its 50 episodes! About hitomiakiko Architect and Aspiring Writer.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Episode 6 Full Episode S 1: Must you have all my tears, Show? There’s a war epusode. The drama also shows two men, a Korean and a Japanese, who share friendship and their fate, but have to stand against each other in a sterile plain in Manchuria to kill each other.

Is this him trying to prove himself after Lady Comrade dissed him for not being an elite agent? I love Joseon, I love my drzmafever, I love my mother, my wife, my son.

Will end up being addicted! He sees each person who was killed by Gaksital on there. Lemontda on Drsmafever City Episode 20 Reca…. Abe as a teacher would be perfect!