Wunder’s true nature is currently unknown. However, we might deduce that whatever this “curse” is, Mari is similarly affected by it. The two boys begin to go on a first name basis. Eva is dropped into Dogma. As it catches the still glowing Eva, Eva’s hands start to corrode into core, but Mari successfully manages to eject Shinji’s entry plug , and Shinji glimpses a vision of Kaworu as he exits. Something Eva hid deeply? The second interpretation is that it is still a repeat sign, but that we have already repeated once.

All of the preview footage was scrapped and instead a much bigger bombshell was dropped on us. BM may have been Wille’s temporary designation for an entity they were unsure was Shinji or not. Shinji befriends Kaworu as they practice piano duets together, but discovers that Rei is unable to remember anything and only follows orders. Field yet to be revealed. Or the giant eye? Chris Browning Super Reviewer. News News chronological archives Another hypothesis proposes that the “curse” results from synchronizing with an Eva at a high plug depth.

However, it is under speculation as to whether or not some of these events actually occurred prior to the story in 3. After a brief bow to the old man from Shinji, Fuyutsuki proposes that the two play a game of shogi.

The chief frustration with Evangelion 3. Evangelion will stop being eevangelion the very second they stop taking risks like this, when they start just regurgitating the stuff you’ve already seen in the same way you’ve seen it before.

Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo: Release Date, News, Updates, Synopsis

NERV, Gendo’s continuing mission to kill God and remake existence in his own image while reuniting with Yui, Shinji’s mother; SEELE, the organization bent on returning the world to its state before original sin, perfecting mankind; now we have Wille, a fleet of surviving NERV employees led by Misato Katsuragi, determined to save the world in a more traditional sense they’re the only ones apparently not interested in killing, becoming, or otherwise messing around with God.

Shinji shows marked improvement during his first training session which occurs in real timegoing from poking at keys with one finger to being able to effectively duet with Kaworu. This leaves you feeling completely overwhelmed with visual events and new synospis playing out but you have no background or explanation for it’s being or purpose, it’s origins are completely unknown. It has not been determined what the glyphs in the logo mean. August 9, at 5: Hearing Rei’s voice, Shinji escapes with the evanhelion.


Observing his departure, Asuka dubs Shinji a “brat”, her eyepatch shown glowing blue. The sybopsis of the structure seems to hold many of Nerv HQ’s old facilities; they can be matched to locations from the previous two films. This is a deeply flawed film with serious execution problems that, in a way, rhyme with the emotional territory it’s exploring: In the ruins of Gendo’s office, Fuyutsuki comments on the situation developing between Shinji and Kaworu, and expresses his disapproval over how Gendo keeps his son in the dark.

Fuyutsuki says that he will continue to follow Gendo’s plans. Whatever chaos delayed the film for so long, there’s little evidence of it on the disc. The structure is nearly identical to the main engine of the AAA Wunder. Some kind of Angel?

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The idea that another person’s love and acceptance absolutely can not and will never complete you as a person is a heartbreaking defeat for someone whose self-hatred has convinced them that this is the solution. Even with all the bizarre, upsetting stuff synppsis seen so far, I’m hoping they’re saving the truly out-there ideas for the final film.

It has been suggested that Mari and Kaji were in the process of forming an anti-Nerv agency during Eva 2. The armor would evangellion be a homage to the fallen Eva, rather than a direct reflection of its contributions. His expressions in private are quite a difference from his usual laid back appearance while in front of Shinji!

Low on power and evanvelion, she regretfully ejects, evangellon Eva’ set to detonate. And finally, the children fated to meet are gathered at last. The Spears were somehow holding Lilith’s corpse in stasis and preventing it from undergoing the phenomenon that happens to other Angels when they die. When Ritsuko recognizes that Nerv are taking Shinji in priority over Eva, signifying his potential as a trigger, she urges Misato to activate the choker.

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The Failures of Infinity clustered around the head may have transported it somehow. Asuka pilots Eva through several Evangelion Mark. Before he can get to the bottom of things, however, Eva’ piloted by Asuka attacks from above. When Asuka grabs the container with her Evangelion unit, it releases attack drones. Her favorite activity will always be role-playing in any format, but she also greatly enjoys Magic the Gathering and doing ALL the damage.


It has swollen to dozens of times its original size.

Aynopsis as Ayame Eventually, he happens upon Rei’s special LCL-immersion facility, where she lives in a makeshift room containing little more than a sleeping bag and a lamp.

Shinji’s presence inside the unit is an undesirable x factor evangslion, according to Ritsuko, is capable of bringing the Eva into evangelio Awakened synopzis. It has been proposed that the entirety of New Nerv HQ is such a ship, and that it mobilized after Eva began to fall, explaining the complete absence of New Nerv HQ from the final shots of the post-Fourth Impact landscape.

Gendo and Fuyutsuki, situated in an area resembling the Wunder’s bridge, briefly comment on the situation. Eva appears to rely on the RS Eangelion drones for A. B If the rainbows signify that part of the covenant with Lilith has been fulfilled itself speculationthen the lack of a rainbow for Kaworu could be because his very manifestation as the 13th was an anomaly — not part of the covenant.

Confronting her, Shinji learns that he is not at Nervand that Wille and Nerv are at war. The premiere of the English evvangelion was screened at New York Comic Con on October 11,which was previously announced as a subbed screening.

The world exists in a state of decrepit limbo, Third Impact having been aborted halfway through the ordeal, leaving three identifiable factions: This is one of those very simple things people like to tell themselves they already believe and understand, but it’s something that only comes after doing the intense and difficult work of real self-discovery.

Enormous red crosses are scattered all over the landscape, as far as the eye can see.

Human settlements are directly implied. Eva’s bottom set of eyes close and the unit begins to fall, but the Door of Guf remains open. Why are they fighting Nerv? The original series set the standard for innovative anime series and Evangelion: The bluray itself looks fine to my eyes, with the expected smattering of trailers and little else.