This section is empty. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju Hetalia: Apr 1, to Jun 24, Premiered: As Tamaki prepares to leave the village to move back with her parents, who have returned from their work overseas, she has a brief moment with Takuma before saying farewell to her six Guardians. Tamaki learns from her classmate Kiyono Takara that there have been recent disappearances in the area. A fandisc for the 4th game has been announced.

Mahiro reveals that the Logos can easily pass through the barrier because it has weakened, since Shizuki, as the Tamayori Princess foretold in the legend, is slowly dying due to her old age. Throughout her day, after she realizes that Takuma is a student at her school, she meets an eccentric Mahiro Atori on the school roof, encounters a nonchalant Yuuichi Komura in the library, and greets a kind Suguru Oomi back at the shrine, where is explained that the four of them are the Guardians, who are bound to protect the Tamayori Princess. After the Guardians do not fare well against the Logos, Tamaki recites incantations to assist the Guardians in defeating the Logos. Since the Onikirimaru has not been sealed completely, Shizuki Ugaya tells Mitsuru Kotokura to prepare a ceremonial offering, something Suguru overheard from eavesdropping. The Truth Behind the Tears. Aria says that the Onikirimaru is merely resting, as she is waiting for it to awaken to show its full power. While walking along the hillsides waiting for the person who her grandmother sent to fetch Tamaki to the village, Tamaki comes across a small, white round object which has sticks for limbs and can talk.

On the school roof, Tamaki finds her Guardians, but Takuma and Princeess are mad at her for letting Aria take the Mirror after the Logos defeated them, which sends her into depression. It is later explained that she has to continue the role of the ancestor Tamayori Princess to seal the sword Onikirimaru with the help of her five Guardians. Takuma and Tamaki both intend to sacrifice themselves for the other, and Aria confronts Drei about his true identity.

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Before leaving with Takuma, Mahiro tells Tamaki that he already knows that he is not strong enough to fight. Drei vanishes when Tamayroi arrives, and Fiona reveals herself as Vier before leaving. The five Guardians thank Tamaki for her help. Yuuichi, Shinji and Suguru all protect Tamaki when Drei attacks her. After Shinji leaves, Tamaki converses with Mitsuru, empathizing for how she is feeling right now.

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No love’s like to the first. However, Tamaki reaches out to Takuma and kisses him to revert him back to human. Meanwhile, Mahiro explains to Yuuichi and Shinji that he should be used as a sacrifice due to his bloodline of the Raven during the battle against the oni foretold in the legend.


You can help by adding to it. As Suguru later greets Tamaki, Takuma, Mahiro and Yuuichi back home, they realized that Shinji has run off somewhere in the forest.

When Tamaki returns home to prepare for dinner, Suguru tells her and the other Guardians that Tamaayori Ashiya found the hideout of the Logos at the edge of the forest protected by a strong barrier.

Soon after her arrival she meets with her grandmother. However, Tamaki uses her powers to enhance the strength of her Guardians, which allows them to finally obliterate Drei once and for all.

Aria sends Eins to retrieve the other Artifacts, prompting Takuma to give chase. If you want to use the subtitles doesnt matter how please Check back soon for updates.

Drei absorbs Eins’s powers back into the Onikirimaru, causing Eins to pass away. The following day at the school roof, Tamaki worries when Takuma did not come to school, but he later arrives, much to her ramayori. The fact that Tamaki could unlock the warehouse and can hear a voice from touching a book proves prnicess she is the next Tamayori Princess. Tamaki hears Takuma apologize to himself for failing to protect her.

Mitsuru finds Shinji and brings him some food, which gives him some nostalgia. Shizuki dies after apologizing to Tamaki for deceiving her in performing the ceremonial offering. Ryou, after advising Tamaki and Takuma to leave the village, reveals to them that he is part of the Inukai family, mentioning that Shinji kakeea adopted into that family but is the twin brother of Mitsuru.

Throughout her day, after she realizes that Takuma is a student at her school, she meets an eccentric Mahiro Atori on the school roof, encounters a nonchalant Yuuichi Komura in the library, and greets hamayori kind Suguru Oomi back at the shrine, engkish is explained that the four of them are the Guardians, who are bound to protect the Tamayori Princess.

Unlimited Blade Works Hetalia: The next day, Suguru talks to Shizuki to stop Mitsuru from performing a ceremonial offering, but to no success. The following day at the school engllsh, Takuma, Mahiro, Yuuichi and Shinji draw straws to determine who would be the first to escort Tamaki home while the others patrol the seal.

The series is directed by Bob Shirohata and produced by Studio Deen. Hanakagami no Fantasia Ao Oni: E2 Ominous Dark Clouds A traitor is in the midst of the princess protection group. Drei, who has long awaited for this moment in time, unleashes the power of the Onikirimaru and transforms into a giant monster.


Hiiro no Kakera original visual novel cover. Tamaki has been having a recurring yet unclear dream, seeing an altered reflection of herself in a lake in the middle of a forest. When Mahiro and Yuuichi return to the shrine, Shizuki assures the two that the Onikirimaru is safe in the shrine.

Takuma transforms into an oni with full control of his powers and is able to defeat Eins in one hit. Views Read Edit View history. Aria leaves after saying that she will bring the Logos back at the second seal ground on the following night.

As Takuma is the one chosen to do so, Tamaki has been having recurring dubbd, which sense a presence breaking through the barrier at the first seal ground. The Guardians are on the offensive against Drei and Zwei, while Takuma has to battle the demon inside and Ein.

Takuma kisses Tamaki when she starts crying, and she hopes to see him again in her next life. In the heat of battle one person will make the ultimate.

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After Mahiro confronts Shinji for his betrayal, Shinji runs off in tears. Eins finds Tamaki and Takuma in the forest and prepares to attack them, but he is stopped by Ryou and decides to fall back. Become episofe subscriber and access all of these great features: At the third seal ground, Takuma and Mahiro confront an angry mountain god, who leaves with a warning after the two tell him to be patient. Pages using deprecated image syntax Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles to be expanded from July All articles to be expanded Articles with empty sections from July All articles with empty sections Articles using small message boxes Episode list using the default LineColor Articles with Japanese-language external links.

At night, Takuma tells Tamaki not to worry and not to run away. Fiona Ashiuma is Tamaki’s English teacher, who welcomes her to the class.