Because he has amber eyes instead of green eyes such as the rest of his family. However, his family doesn’t approve of Holly and treats her as if she was worth nothing when she was trying to help them escape. An easy read for children aged between years of age. The second time I found myself liking the characters, even though I knew the ending I still worried when they were in danger and felt their true friendships on the cold hard streets of the city, I willed them on their way. They chase Holly and captures her and drags her upstairs. Tuesday, 9 April Interesting question about Varjak Paw film! The main character, Varjak Paw is given advice with almost mystical, Eastern powers to solve problems that he encounters on his journey; if he chooses to apply them, and these help him to become streetwise and learn more about t This novel is so much more than a story about a cat leaving its sheltered home life for the city in search of a dog to save his family. Varjak’s task is to go over the wall surrounding the house, and find a dog to help them – a dog being the only thing big and fierce enough to defeat the Gentleman.

Also, it might just be the first book in a trilogy Views Read Edit View history. Things were looking bleak until Holly rescues him. I’ve been hearing rumors, but I’d like to know for myself. Varjak Paw belongs to a family of Mesopotamian Blue pedigree cats who are owned by the Contessa. When the Gentleman appears with his black cats, Elder Paw urges Varjak to climb the stone wall and buys him time by fighting the Gentlemen’s cats. I think varjak should still be an adult but go on an awesome adventure! And he This book basically reeled me in at the library when I realized it was talking about ninja cats.

But there is a less expected, though no less satisfying, side to the story. I’m a cat person! Use mdy dates from August Pages to import images to Wikidata.

All the animations, trailers and so on that you see on youtube are unofficial fan works. I re-read this because I’m planning on reading the sequel, The Outlaw Varjak Paw, and wanted to refresh my memory. Nick, thank you so much for that amazing comment, you’ve totally made my day! There isn’t a movie as yet, but there is a second book – The Outlaw Varjak Paw.


In the end, Varjak triumphs satisfyingly over all his enemies, both inside and outside his family. Varjak however is bored, an outcast, unlike his siblings his name doesn’t begin with J and he has eyes the colour of danger – he is desperate to see the world outside of the contessa’s house. Overall three stars seems a little weak for this book, and four seem to strong, so call it 3.

It’s such a pleasure to have read these books over the years! Hopefully one day it’ll happen And he is an awesome cat. Said adds suspense sufficiently. I for one would be one of the first people to watch it. As a cat lover I enjoyed this tale tail? Also, very glad that the McKean illustrations aren’t as disturbing as the ones he does for Gaimain’s books.

Varjak Paw (Varjak Paw #1) by S.F. Said

He gets better though. Varjak learns of the Vanishings, which were the mysterious disappearances of cats off the streets. A good, dark story. However, i persevered and once i got past the first couple of chapters i was hooked. But can he save his own family from their fate? The two black cats kill Elder Paw, and Varjak said he looked like a broken toy. He begins having dreams where Jalal the great helps him learn the seven basic survival techniques which would help him overcome any difficulties.

The Outlaw Varjak Paw

And, of course, the great Jalal’s eyes aren’t green either. It did confuse me sometimes though – it was only until I literally turned the last page and closed the cover to see the preview of the second book on the back, which featured the blurb “The Vadjak Kitty is Back”, that I realized that I should have been visualizing all the fight scenes in a martial arts sense rather vsrjak just, you know, cat fights.

I would really like that. What’s the Name o Lists with This Book. Views Read Edit View history. Oct 19, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Initially, i found it hard to get into, as i didn’t understand where the story was going.


I thoroughly enjoyed Varjak Paw.

Best paw forward

They chase Holly and captures her and drags her upstairs. Teased and bullied by his siblings because he lacks the green eyes of a true Mesopotamian Blue, he hangs on his grandfather’s tales of their ancestor Jalal, who “travelled to the ends of the earth, further than any cat had been before”, and was a mighty hunter theree “fought the fiercest warrior cats”.

Dear Mrs Hambly, Thank you so much for your kind comment! The characters are cute, fhere simple, and of course Varjak takes to the Way quickly because, hey, it’s a kids book. Varjak Paw has been optioned by The Jim Henson Company to be developed as an animated family feature film, with Faith Fawusi as director. To give you an idea of what it might be like, here’s a link to Dave McKean’s fantastic book trailer. Varjak’s desire to leave the house on the hill becomes reality when the Elder Paw, the head of the family, tells Varjak to journey to the outside and to bring back a dog to scare the man away.

He realizes that he now has a dog, so he and Holly, along with Cludge, go back to the Contessa’s house.

It’s not a Varjak Paw book, but it very much comes from the same place. When a cat breaks out of a moving circle they let the kinetic energy released guide their next strike- ensuring it lands with force closer to pww lion’s attack than a cat’s.

Plus, Varjak, with his yellow eyes – something no true blue would ever be proud of – has never really fitted in. I originally gave this book 2 stars, I felt it was unrealistic and dull, no doubt because the whole idea of a kung-fu cat turned me off before I had even started reading, so I didn’t give it a chance.

I also love your book Phoenix too. It’s wonderful to hear that your class are loving Varjak Paw.