Johnson 1 episode, Brandon Smith Attack of the Mutant. Jeff’s Mom 1 episode, Nerdy Ricky Beamer’s plan to get back at the girl who kicked him off the school newspaper turns into a plot to enslave humanity when a group of reptilian aliens begin calling Ricky after hours. A group of kids get together in the woods, and tell ghost stories. They also feature new cover art, as opposed to previous releases which used the cover art for the corresponding series book. Amanda Benson 2 episodes, Night of the Living Dummy [38].

Nila’s Driver 1 episode, Marilyn Boswell 2 episodes, Peter Messaline Doug 1 episode, Fiona Reid Full Cast and Crew. Every October from to , Cartoon Network aired the episodes. Shawna 1 episode, Beauchamp 1 episode, Kelly Nickerson Becca 1 episode,

Teacher 1 episode, And even though all I have left are old episodes on video tapes I still find it awfully clever.

Duane Comack 1 episode, Retrieved 30 November Julia 2 episodes, Martin Roach Old Woman 1 episode, Tracy Dawson This Toy Seire With You! The Ghost 1 episode, Alyssa Gebert Hawkins 1 episode, Shawn Potter Greg Banks 1 episode, Katharine Isabelle Brian Colson 1 episode, Christopher Tuah Every October from toCartoon Network aired the episodes.


Lizzy Morris 2 episodes, Howard O’Connor 2 episodes, Hrant Kippenveel Trick-or-Treater uncredited 1 episode, Sheila Boyd Reading Guard 2 episodes, Sue 1 episode, Killman 1 episode, Shopper 2 1 episode, Guardian 1 2 episodes, Jesse Cairns Conan 1 episode, Student 1 1 episode, Billy Harlan enjoys the days of baseballarcheryand swimming at Camp Nightmoon until a series of strange accidents plague his fellow campers, and Billy begins to suspect that he will be next.

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The name engraved on the briefcase reveals the mysterious black-clad gentleman to be none other than Goosebumps’ author, R. Attack of the Mutant.

Henry at 12 1 episode, Fisherman 1 episode, Letta uncredited 2 episodes, Carson Manning Stanley 1 episode, Curtis 2 episodes, Old Crone 2 episodes, Townsperson 2 episodes, Guard 2 episodes, YTV 3 episodes, Jane Schmeltzer Pam Amsterdam 1 episode, Saur 1 episode, Janet-Laine Green Foz 1 episode, Meredith Henderson Return of the Mummy. Shari Walker 1 episode, Charles Boyland Alex Blackwell 2 episodes, Billy Deep 2 episodes,