Home and Away Episode 25th February They toast Gary for his help with the bed. Well obviously you do. All that time on the beach, why wouldn’t I be? The Waterhole Paul is lending a sympathetic ear to Terese again, as she describes her row with Brad. He says he can’t talk about it to her, as he promised Karl.

Chris comes in, and Susan, who’s sitting at a table, spots an opportunity for stickybeakery that she simply can’t pass up. Waterhole Georgia, Kyle, Sheila and Gary are having a drink. Yes, you could say that. Nonetheless, a late night spent reminiscing leaves him in a good enough mood to stop antagonising his children… for now. Chris tries again, and Nate says he might sleep better alone. Shall I start from the beginning? Nate says he’s been having trouble sleeping and tries to change the subject. Pet shop’s got a deal on guinea – pigs at the moment.

I look forward to the endless amounts of selfies on Facebook.

Georgia wants to put in an order for one. Vulnerable, Terese shares her fears with Leo. I think it is.

How could I forget? It was one of the best things I’ve ever seen! The Waterhole Toadie offers to walk a distressed Sonya to work. Ezra picks up his jacket and walks towards the door, then stops.

Neighbours | Episode 7019 | 20 November 2014

The old festival gurus, yeah? He says he can’t talk about it to her, as he promised Karl. Susan is surprised that Terese had a drink with him even after arguing with Brad. Susan looks suspiciously at the trees Nate walked into. Next on Neighbours After an insensitive remark from Amy, Terese ndighbours that the age gap between her and Leo will pose a serious problem in their relationship if he ever decides he wants children — despite his assurances that he has no interest in being a father.


Shall I start from the beginning?

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Terese hesitantly agrees, and Paul, who has been earwigging from a nearby table, smiles as they walk into the hotel together and go up in the lift. Men’s shed Kyle is getting frustrated because he can’t fix the bed.

Err, that I’m married! Well, who fancies being a gooseberry?

Someone bumps into him, and he breathes heavily. No 30 The phone continues to ring, as Sonya struggles with the blocked door. Sheila tells that it sounds like epizode ready to be Kyle’s father. Damien Richardson Doug Willis: Nate claims he was doing a workout in the back, and before that he was running. She points out she didn’t have an affair with Ezra previously, and she’s not going to 77019 one now.

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I’m saying I give up. What the hell are you playing at?

No, from what you just told me, you’re separated. If that’s what you want. Aaron brings up the subject of children with David, reasoning they have so many steps to take before they become parents, so they should start making decisions now. Although, of course, now he’s on the lookout for a live pet. He gave you permission. In my medical opinion, a dog would be marvellous for Nate. Karl says to give it time, and if episide doesn’t improve they can see what they can do to help.


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You’d already left, and we didn’t episodr to rock the boat for no reason. It feels like the good old days, doesn’t it? Brad’s clearly still bitter about the past, and doesn’t buy Terese’s assertion that her work with Ezra is strictly professional.

They end up arguing, as Terese thinks Brad’s being deliberately difficult, and Brad thinks Terese is being unreasonable by expecting him to drop his commitments now she suddenly wants to talk.