Yellow, black and white are never fail. My Lady Korean Drama. For this picture, I want to show the pretty umbrella and how kind Aoi Yu looks in this scene, under the rain. Crows Zero Japanese Movie. Miss Korea Korean Drama. Secret Door Korean Drama. Naeil’s Cantabile Korean Drama.

Coffee Prince Korean Drama. Love Korean Movie. This is also one of my favorite for its elegant and flawlessness. And in the circle pattern blue color komon, she wears a velvet haori when going outside. Osen-san wears this when she goes out to meet her friend. They are combination of cuteness and tradition.

The drama tells otomeen story of the girl and her big sister relationship, the girl love life and her sister love life. Two Weeks Korean Drama.

Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. Usagi-chan Rin-chan and Takuni-chan Poco-chan are the two cutest anime kid characters I love the most.

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The Producers Korean Drama. Death Bell Korean Movie. The rest outfits are her informal komon. And he wants me to otojen some hot guys people for the beach episode, so they can attract more customers the viewers, who are mostly girls and will be squealing at the sight of semi-naked dudes.


There is also episodes he goes to Taiwan. Last Cinderella Japanese Drama. Letters from Iwo Jima Japanese Movie. Little Black Dress Korean Movie. April Fools Japanese Movie. Itoshi Kimi e Japanese Drama.

Good Morning Call Japanese Drama. Based on same name manga Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san by Narumi Naru, the short live action series has only 4 episodes featuring famous and interesting ramen restaurants in Tokyo.

Boomerang Family Korean Movie. You can watch whole series on gooddrama.

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Sword and Flower Korean Drama. The manga live action was also released when the anime was aired in Moreover, after the 11 episodes, do not miss epjsode 4 bonus episodes. Zettai Kareshi Special Japanese Special. Prime Minister and I Korean Drama.


Her kimono collection is really a treasure. Falling for Innocence Korean Drama. Otomen – episode 1 recap. Everyday, she goes episodw for real-life places serving the best ramen dishes and delightfully eats the delicious noodles. This one is a funny drama, featuring talented actress Takei Emi. Oh folks, it’s that time again. C’est Si Bon Korean Movie.


Otomen – Episode 12 English subtitles | Watch online and Download free on FastDrama

Mirai Nikki Japanese Drama. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Tin Kaiser Director, sales manager Office: Not that this is all that new for from the moment I first set foot on a plane to Japan, I realized that my usual cues for reading male sexuality were not all that useful among Japanese men–but what is different is the media attention in the past couple of years devoted to tracking what is being framed as a generational shift in Japanese masculinity.

The Con Artists Korean Movie.

Share House no Koibito Japanese Drama. The point that makes it more interesting is Poco-chan, a very cute boy and cuter when he turns into takuni.