But now that I’ve had this monstrosity of a record 90 minutes over two discs from this French trio, I can’t imagine it never existing. Each song has a tendency to drone on and on, yet never gets stale, repetitive or boring. Ordonnance 33 du 3 juillet Fous rires et gags en tout genre sont au rendez-vous de cette escapade anglaise! The artwork for Occult Rock borrows heavily from the sigils of John Dee and therefore by extension the music must surely make an excellent addition to your next entheogenic ceremony. J … Fernand, le noceur. Un gioiellino nel suo genere.

Son raras las bandas experimentales que logran salir de su niche y bandas que combinan su lado noise y drone con generosas porciones del metal mas aguerrido por lo general transcurren sus carreras en absoluta oscuridad. We really wanted to have a natural, incandescent live sound. Several of the tracks build towards vast, echoing climaxes, the sense of this inevitability inherent in the sonic tension as the track escalates. Mais cela ne change pas le fond du sujet. A very brutal, heavy opening of this album. Adultes B 62 Baby Doll.

Un disco solo para los iniciados Obviously a double-album where songs grow very slowly even when they’re blasting may not seem like a ringing endorsement, but it’s a really great piece of work. Des mentions existaient dans les journaux cf. They can only be manually restored by a database administrator, if a mistake was made.

Psychedelic, tribal and enthralling, in its calm tranquillity and its most passionate zeal, the occult ambience of this piece is both devastating and exhilarating, the rhythms, dynamics, moods, textures, tones and timbres compounded with a meditative determinism that make Occult Rock more a devout undertaking than simply a listening experience.

Je ne sais pas trop quoi faire Each song has a tendency to drone on and on, yet never gets stale, repetitive or boring. Les deux premiers morceaux sont les plus intenses point de vue puissance agressive.


Certains avancent la censure comme frein…?

Kikoogay Renommage de Discussion Utilisateur: As always, groove is a given when listening to the band. De black metal van dit nummer is niet slecht, maar wel erg lang en herhalend. Tout y est subjectif, bien grafuitement terrifiant que les films de la Hammer ; l’ambiance est malsaine.

While Occult Rock is a strange album, I still highly recommend it as an intensely interesting album that anyone with an interest in unique music should listen to. A Rejeter 5 56 Foire aux femmes.

Bass und Schlagzeug legen ein Inferno an rasant verspielter Lead-Rhythm Section vor, und die Gitarre tut es ihnen gleich. Cuando “I” se degenera en ecos y feedback y da paso a temas de estructura mas directamente rockera, ALUK TODOLO comienzan a mostrarnos sus especialidades; 1- un magistral uso de los elementos; cada acorde o riff parece ser levantado en peso por el aire y transformado en una nota infernal, cada baquetazo es un latido que nos acerca cada vez mas al otro lado, las notas de bajo son el paso y el andar.

LAIex is a cock sucker. PG video rating UK: Les journaux de Poppy montrent plusieurs suppression abusives.

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Een instrumentale band waar deze heren hun experimenteerdriften op los dechaind laten die ze in hun vaste bands Diamatregon en Vediog Svaor niet kwijt kunnen. Put it this way: Lang wordt er fel doorgeramd. Merci de bien vouloir contacter le service client. Has always taken me a bit of time to get into this band’s releases, but once things clicked I couldn’t stop listening. ARejeter 5 64 Drakkars. Kijkend naar de tracklisting is het eerste dat mij opviel de indrukwekkende speelduur. Giroud, par exemple, se disait admettre uniquement ce type de censure.

The best I can do is recommend that you put this on, sit back and prepare to be blown away. S 64 Sadique Le.


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Give yourself this and 85 minutes alone. This is a really good album but it drags on and on Rejeter 53 Trois femmes. Occult Rock is the band third full album, not counting the two ep: Raisons de cette censure: Le son ajoute une dimension dramatique sans commune mesure avec le muet. RA Rejeter 5 64 Mangeur de cur. If your brain is not fried after ten minutes of this stuff, then you are qualified to enjoy the rest of the album. More of a seance than fsntomas illusionist spectacle; no juggling with staggering complexities to invoke grand imagery; no pose or trendy esotericism.

Fortunately these guys ride that paranoid wave like pros, compulsively repeating the same musical phrases ad infinitum in a desperate attempt to stave off those morbid hallucinations for just a few more minutes before the fahtomas hysteria and subsequent mental breakdown rear their ugly heads, causing explosive ripples throughout the track that ultimately consume it.

The Walking Dead – Saison 4 De: Zeker voor muziek als dit.

Juste un petit doute: To experience Occult Rock is to be caught in a mesmeric trance, the senses and the spirit stirred from eternal slumber and transported to some higher plane of fervent, exuberant, spiritually-charged activity that transcends the nothingness gratuitenent being. A Rejeter 5 61 Nuits du monde.

Their unique blend of black metal and psychedelic rock, among others, really blew my mind and I’m sure many others. The only issue as you might imagine is that this is hard work.