The thing on the ceiling of Alaizabel’s bedroom is seared into my memory as if I saw it myself, which is pretty commendable, as it was only very roughly described. Eventually Thaniel is given another chance to kill the Wych-kin that eluded him the night he found Miss Cray. On one occasion, while Wych-hunting, he was bitten by a Cradle Jack but fought back against its “venom”, leaving him immune to becoming a Cradle Jack. Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from October All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Literature articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction Articles needing additional references from June If you want to follow us on twitter we are stillscaredpod, and our email address is stillscaredpodcast gmail. Alaizabel is half-crazed, lovely, an The Alienist meets Dracula in this gripping, gothic-horror thriller from young UK phenom Chris Wooding.

Being trapped in an Escher painting isn’t as fun as it sounds In this episode we discussed House of Stairs, by William Sleator. Only the memory of the aforementioned kiss he had shared with Alaizabel keeps Thaniel going. If you want to follow us on twitter we are stillscaredpod, and our email address is He was sixteen when he completed his first. His stories are original and fresh, and when I’m in the mood to read something different , he’s a good choice. So easy to find shows to follow. This book did come out in

While on a hunt for a Cradlejack Thaniel finds what he thinks to be a creature crouched in a corner half-crazed. Although it was never — not in the slightest — made into a major point of the novel, the romance between Alaizabel and Thaniel did not seem convincing to me. He had made a fortune from unscrupulous dealings in the developing areas of London, fiddling property boundaries to make a profit. A new episode about every 18 days averaging 54 mins duration.

Wooding hauntinb commits one of my biggest sins: There was a hauntinb that actually made me yelp cilm loud in fear — Adam: You did literally wear a big top hat down the street. Everyone loves a good haunting, but will this latest book-to-screen adaptation be able to cast the proper amount of scares? He was sixteen when he completed his first.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Only one known type of Wych-kin falls into this category, the Glau Meska, also known as the Deep Ones. Another unexpected wonder o Chris Wooding. Down the stairs she went, her infant starting to squeal in her arms. Visit The Evilshop Amazon! There were a lot of times when it felt like they were doing dice throws, right? She has no memory of what has happened to her and so they must investigate.


I loved this book from start to finish. At the beginning of The Haunting of Alaizabel Crayhe has been killing women for 15 years, with some hauntong.

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. During the battle with the Wych-dogs, Carver is wounded and the Devil Boy reveals that he also foresaw his own death and is in the process of telling Thaniel that they will win in the end when he is shot by Curien Blake, Pyke’s American assassin. By this point Carver realizes that Maycraft cannot be trusted and seeks out the beggar lord. In general, thd book held my interest well.

The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray by Chris Wooding

If only it has better characters and dialogue to complete the fascinating and meticulous world building, this could be a four-star book. Thaniel, our main protagonist is a young man that is a Wych-Hunter by trade. No, no, that was not right. Chris Wooding undeniably has a good sense of imagination and fun, and The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray is a perfect example of a story that isn’t afraid to establish its own rules. Not much gore, which is good, but definitely some creep factor going on.

With the help of Inspector Maycraft he finally kills it, only to find that something has gone wrong in his absence. Chris lives in London. Set in an alternate Victorian England, the narrative sets a mood to satisfy anyone looking to be immersed in a Gothic London.

The description and detail in the book is great, but when more time goes into describing the wych-kin than the characters reaction to them, you’re in trouble. Stalking deeper into the Castle, they find Thatch but Pyke shoots Thaniel in the stomach, but not fatally, before they can stop her. On with the credits. This symbol allows ghosts, in this case the spirit Thatch, to enter Alaizabel’s body, thus explaining the supernatural events surrounding Alaizabel. Basically, that’s the problem with this book.

Mar 21, Sawler rated it it was amazing. This book is recommended for those who love gothic horror and suspence, AND it even has an appreciable dose of romance to keep your heart tingle with excitement you can’t help but smile or at least it did for me. The next day London is covered by red clouds blotting out the sun and the Wych-kin run rampant through the streets. The story takes place in a setting reminiscent of Victorian London.


H This book is good. Obviously, partly the creeping underneath London, and the idea of the kind of secret society of undesirables, living in bondage in name only. Pyke and his followers are on top and are the Fraternity’s ruling class.

Her parents are described as being dissolute in the same way that Oscar Wilde describes Dorian Gray as being dissolute. I speak of the force that created the physics of the universe, the force that makes time flow forward and not allow everything to happen at once, the force that sets the patterns to which the planets turn.

Full of suspense, friendship and adventure, this book is both enjoyable and endearing as it shares the life and times of seventeen-year-old Thaniel, a talented “wych-hunter” whose job is full of unexpected twists and turns.

There’s just something about a man with a big knife that knows how to use it that gets my blood flowing.

When Thaniel Foxa young wych-hunter, finds a mad girl wandering the streets in the middle of hwunting night, he is moved by pity to take her home; and in doing so, he becomes embroiled in a plot that reaches into the highest levels of government, and into the darkest depths of the wych-kin’s world.

Monsters, serial killers, elder gods, and dirigibles! In the process of drafting and redrafting I changed the story around, mostly to make it work better as a movie, partly because I was tired of telling the same story the same way.

Scholastic Sells ‘The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray’

Whatever dreadful entity has entered her soul has turned her into a strange and unearthly magnet–attracting evil and drawing horrors from every dark corner. Wooding’s imagination is awesome when it comes to the creatures that he brings to life here. However, at the heart of The Fraternity is a cult led by Pyke and a few trusted individuals. Trolls, tropes, and toilet humour in two Laika stop-motion films. Being trapped in an Escher painting isn’t as fun as it sounds In this episode we discussed House of Stairs, by William Sleator.

In this episode we discussed Thornhill by Pam Smy, from Airships rilm one hand, and cultish Rites and ceremonies and charms on the other.