Police Madness , K Frost Crystals Appears to only be used with one health left, but leaves a crystal resulting in instant death. Create a box to the right, then crawl through the passage and shoot the blue switch as Cosmic Wario. Call Of Pripyat , S. Albion Prelude , X3: Le Secret De Merlin , Hellboy: Back in the previous room, jump to the upper ledge and stack two boxes with Arty Wario, then use Dragon Wario to clear the blue fire blocks overhead. Goat Simulator , Sanctum.

Use Genius Wario and punch them at the statue head to temporarily stun it. With this new disguise, you will be able to find secrets in certain rooms. In the lower-right room from the room with the three moving platforms, step on the first blue switch. You are in the room with the falling drills. Korea , Theatre Of War 2: Goat Simulator , Sanctum. Land Of Chaos Online. Use Arty Wario to put a box on the red mushroom to the right, then take note of the directions on the wall blue right, red left, red left, blue left, red right.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

AionDungeon RunnersExteel Now you can fly upward with your new disguise. The highest P Score, and fastest completed time of all 10 Chapters are recorded, as well as the 5 Special Chapters.

As Thief Wario, jump on his head to cause damage. Again, go up, then down the middle.


The New NightmareBlack Death In there, use Genius Wario and punch the switch to move the gates in the wall. Black Powder Red Earth.

Wario: Master of Disguise Special Chapter Guide for DS by Chen Guojun – GameFAQs

Jump onto it, then over to episoce upper-right platform. The Golden FragmentsRhem 3: It can prove more of a problem than help. When you land, go right and open the chest to claim the “Excavated T. Underwater The Game 2. LiberationCard Games: La Terre mazter Milieu: City Racer DSCargasm. After you crush the third set of switches, you will win the battle and receive the next Wishstone piece!

Wario: Master of Disguise Boss FAQ for DS by Gywall – GameFAQs

Animaux DisparusZoo Tycoon 2: Take it to the room with the Treasure Chest. This will allow you to activate yellow switches in the next several rooms up to eight times before you have to come back and recharge how many charges you have left will be designated by a 8-square box in the background in the right side of this room and in other rooms.

At the end, jump into the room above. The Alchemist Of Dusk The Riddle System actually vary from the Japanese to the English version.

The last Treasure is here. Go up the steps and use Arty Wario to put a box on top of the one in the air, as well as on the steps so you can jump from it.


Wario: Master of Disguise – Boss FAQ

Go right and enter the door you passed up before. If you are playing the Japanese Version, you may get a changed Intro Screen.

They will also disappear when disguis enter and exit from them. Next it’ll go red, where you can burn it as Dragon Wario. Tarr ChroniclesTarr Chronicles: Ace AttorneyInazuma Eleven 3: When this is about to happen, use Genius Wario and face the right.

Here use Dinosaur Wario to fall into disugise lower small room. Before entering that room, make sure the Ghost Switch is set to “On”. Use Dragon Wario to fall through the thin platforms and reach the lower-right area by the red door. Jump back out and drop through the opening to the room below. From here, go back to the west room. X-Motor RacingNo Brakes: Don’t jump onto the upper ledge though; instead, crawl through a lower passage use Genius Wario as you enter the room if you can’t find it.