Adorable and creepy as hell at the same time. I was a bit excited for this set when Shout announced it, but I see that they didn’t include the Japanese audio, which is disappointing. Add timegold to Your Ignore List. Robot Best Friend Episode 12! I think Dan is basically nothing the only thing I can even remark about him is he seemed to really care about Burai. Her henchmen are unremarkable at the moment, but I wonder how her palace will eventually be put on the moon.

If Bandora could go in so can and did the ZyuRangers. Find More Posts by Bread. Add to wish list. You can be as concise or as lengthy as you like in your reviews, but remember that more detailed writing makes for more detailed discussion , which we want to encourage above all else. Probably the main thing I can say is how surreal and crazy things were all over the place, from Bandora’s arrival from Nemesis on top of a ripped-off skyscraper with a palace with a neon sign and flying on a bicycle akin to Ms. Scorpina and Goldar vs. I see him as the analogue to Alpha, not Zordon.

Users browsing this forum: This set is missing disc other than that the condition is Very Good.

Kyouryuu Sentai Koseidon Episode 1 – video dailymotion

Japan’s Best Swordswoman The chronology of Super Sentai may, at last, be at an end. Why watch a dubbed version of Power Rangers that I had no connection with? Even the music appears episoce be intact, and all the episodes have their ‘next episode’ teasers at the end. All things considered, it was a strange opener The Son from Darkness If you have interest, I can’t suggest more that you buy this set.


This one would have been a lot tougher if I had to compare Adam Park to Goushi but because it is Zack we see Sentai even the score. In fact, just throwing people from the past to the present should lead to some anachronisms; even if the Zyurangers don’t know what a space shuttle is, they were aware of what dangers were present, but in a comparable situation, they might not know how to react to a car, or a phone, or even most animals.

They’re better left to discover upon viewing whether their expectations were right or wrong.

Because Mei needed to be so rescued frequently while in suit, so did Kimberly. No, I completely get this sentiment. Special case – large plastic case with spindle on the front and back panels of the inside for dubbed 1 and 10, and 4 double sided holders for discs Find More Posts by Zeddykins.

The rest of the gang Between their palpable zyurangerr, Barza’s altruistic behavior, and Bandora’s humorous yet evil antics, they’re enjoyable to watch. The next series preview is also in place at the end of the 50th episode, and it also has the next series preview from the prior series as well before the beginning of the first ep.

However, episoode also encourages teasing, which is also spoiling. Disc looks to be in very good condition.

Kyouryuu Sentai Koseidon Episode 1

I mean, he DID wake them up and give them the powers. The Subbex of Bravery Adorable and creepy as hell at the same time. I hope we get to see more of this as we go, because it’d be great to see a lot of background to the Zyuniverse.

That phrase was all it took to get me epsiode break one of the biggest rules in my nerd code of honor. Do they have the original Japanese credits or English credits?


Tokufanatic: zyuden sentai kyoryuger eng sub(completed)

Zack actually did alot in mmpr such as lead the team when Jason was gone, winning a battle against evil tommy, saving friends in episodes, etc. I have compared a couple of the discs to the Japanese R2 DVDs that I have images for, and they are the exact same, but with subs and different menus obviously.

Basically Zach is cool in every sense of the word from the dances, to the slick personality, to even arguably the coolest costume, he oozes awesome. This is a big issue I had with Zyu that did take me out of it in a big way. In fact, I think ZyuRanger’s may have the slowest tempo.

Also shop in Also shop in. Find More Posts by Merlin. Bandora is driven by grief that was turn in to blood lust over the loss of her son, which anyone can understand and that empathy is the mark of a great villain.

Prince of The Eggs It just screams “because I’m a witch and I can” And finger puppet Golems? But zjuranger Don Dolnero and his nefarious gang manage to trick four new TPD cadets into allowing them travel to the 20th century, the four cadets are forced to pursue them for the sake of history.